Preparedness Questions


  • Have you performed a risk assessment on every company department?


  • Do you have a proactive/reactive Information Security Readiness Plan in place in compliance with applicable state and federal laws?


  • Has every employee been given identity theft prevention education & “Red Flags Rules” training in addition to proper training on your privacy policies and procedures? Have they all been tested to ensure they have retained vital information that protects you from events, fines and lawsuits?


  • Do you have advanced anti-phishing anti-pharming detection and monitoring tools in place to prevent identity theft through company computers?


  • Do you have a way for every employee to auto-encrypt all passwords used online to protect you and them from theft of vital information and installation of malware?


  • Are your document handling, document storage policies and procedures and document destruction methods in compliance with “FACTA” laws which applies to every business regardless of size and industry?


  • Is your business protected with identity theft and data breach insurance?


  • Are you providing every employee identity theft protection and advocacy recovery assistance in case of an identity theft event or breach?


  • Do you have a team of certified forensic professionals on hand to investigate, work with law enforcement, regulators, and lawyers if a identity theft event or data breach occurs?


  • Do you have a call center ready to handle an influx of volume calls surrounding a data breach and is it staffed with professionals trained to handle such calls?


  • Can your call center auto-route and manage calls to multiple numbers and still provide quality customer service in the event of a breach?


  • Do you have a third party agency ready to quickly handle legally required breach notifications?


If you or responsible department managers were able to answer all questions above with a confident “YES” then your company has successfully met the preparedness test. 

Although no company can prevent every identity theft event or data breach, the checklist above gives a set of areas where companies small medium and large need to take appropriate steps to ensure EFFECTIVE proactive measures are in place. 

Industry experts advise your appointed internal team evaluate your plans and processes with external resources as a sound ‘check and balance’ means to insure security effectiveness.

If you need assistance with any areas checked “No” or “Unsure” answers, IDTELi and our team of experts can quickly provide you with cost effective integrated solutions.

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Here is a short quiz covering areas your business needs to be confident is being effectively addressed under your risk management program.

How Prepared Are You?

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