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December 5, 2007 |Press Release | Strike Force Technologies

StrikeForce Signs Distribution Agreement With IDTELi To Bundle GuardedID Into Corporate ID Theft eLearning Program Designed to Fill Gaps in Corporate ID Theft Protection!

Edison, NJ (December 5st, 2007) – StrikeForce Technologies (OTCBB:SKFT), a company that specializes in the prevention of Identity Theft, today announced that they have signed an agreement with IDTELi (ID Theft eLearning Intelligence) to bundle StrikeForce’s GuardedID into IDTELi’s corporate ID Theft Protection Program. This is a strategic step as StrikeForce grows its GuardedID Distribution Channel strategy.

It is widely reported that identity theft if the fastest growing crime in America. Few can argue it is a growing global problem. While IT departments are charged with building their front line defense against external threats with technology solutions, more needs to be done. Identity theft crime is becoming more sophisticated and firewalls and anti-spyware are being tested and cannot be relied upon as sole solutions for corporate data protection. 

As more data breaches are becoming commonplace, government also recognizes more needs to be done in response to consumer concerns about the protection of their information. As a result, a number of states have enacted identity theft laws. Federal laws are also being strengthened and companies are being required to develop programs to improve the efficacy of data protection procedures.

IDTELi (ID Theft eLearning Intelligence) also recognizes the problem is much bigger than firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware – and companies relying solely on these tools to fight identity theft are not creating sound defensive programs.  Many overlook training all employees on identity theft as a vital security component when crafting internal programs. However, as of January 1, 2008 companies are required to do so under FACTA’s Red Flags Regulations. FACTA (Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act) was signed into law December 4, 2003 and few companies even know of its existence.   

“Identity theft should not be considered a legal requirement issue but a people issue” says Brenda Eaden, IDTELi President/CEO. “IDTELi‘s core business provides comprehensive workforce identity theft training. It is reasonable to acknowledge employees will not remember everything they are taught in our course and we needed to go further in our prevention efforts. IDTELi felt we could do more to provide companies with added security extending beyond education, firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. IDTELi searched the marketplace for products that would bolster identity theft training. Strike Force Tech stood out with its patent pending blanket protection program “GuardedID” – used to stop the capture of sensitive information through online activity.”

“We are excited about our partnership with Strike Force as we feel “GuardedID” will provide our clients with vital protection not found anywhere else in the world. Companies utilizing the Internet daily no longer have to rely on technology that cannot detect every online data threat.  What IDTELi finds compelling is how “GuardedID” works – making every keystroke virtually “invisible” and it is this invisibility that renders thieves powerless even if malicious code, Trojans, and keyloggers reside undetected on computers.  Thieves cannot steal information they cannot see with even the most undetectable keyloggers and that is why “GuardedID” will be a critical piece to our client’s security programs. For more information:

“We are very pleased about our partnership with IDTELi, they truly are visionaries when it comes to delivering invaluable ID Theft education bundled with ID Theft protection,” says George Waller, EVP of StrikeForce Technologies. 


About StrikeForce Technologies

StrikeForce Technologies, a leader in solutions that helps prevent identity theft, is a company that can protect consumers, customers, partners and employees—in real time against identity fraud. Its total protection solution strengthens companies’ defenses against the biggest points of fraud—when the Internet is accessed, when accounts are opened, when they’re accessed, when they’re changed, and each time there’s a new transaction. StrikeForce Technologies is trading on the OTC bulletin board (SKFT) and the company is headquartered in Edison, N.J., and can be reached at or (866) 787-4542.

About IDTELi

IDTELi (ID Theft eLearning Intelligence), located in Beaverton, Oregon is the leader in workforce identity theft security training. Their solutions provide education tools are used to fill gaps in corporate training. IDTELi also provides consulting services and custom module development to be included with their standard courses as a proactive measure to enhance corporate security programs.   

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