Checklist to see what laws affect your business...

Our clients often have little information and lots of questions regarding which laws affect their business based on their business activity. This list is provided to clear up some of your questions and show areas where you may be vulnerable

Again, the more information you provide your employees regarding protection of your privacy and theirs, helps you become less open to internal identity theft events and expensive legal consequences.

Identity theft laws are being amended to ensure companies are doing their best to provide appropriate levels of protection for both the business and its customers. Recently, the “Red Flags Regulations” were added to “FACTA (Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act became a federal law in December 2003) which requires every business to comply with stronger provisions within the law. Identity Theft Training is now a requirement for every business. These new regulations went into effect January 1, 2008 and businesses with “covered accounts” must comply. IDTELi’s training can assist you in complying with FACTA, Red Flags, ID Theft Protection and Breach laws.


Your ID Theft Program must include employee training under FACTA’s “Red Flags Regulations” - This is now the LAW!

The table below provides information relating to the type of information and laws that may be applied if the type of information is released – unintentionally and intentionally

business compliance laws
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ID Theft Awareness & Prevention Training Course has been approved for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) by:

* State of Oregon Insurance Division

* Mortgage Lending Education Board (MLEB)

* (ID Theft Awareness Education Certification) - Independent Sales Representatives Certification Association

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