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However, our course IDTHEFT Awareness & Prevention Training© not only covers identity theft but provides employees with a better understanding of workplace and personal information and data security. Course is concise, and easy to use. Employees at almost any education level will find our eLearning format makes it easy to learn and understand. This improves their ability to retain information and protect your business assets .

The cost of this training is negligible. If ONE employee learns ONE way to ensure your business and customer privacy as well as theirs in the workplace and as a result prevents ONE incident from occurring, this course more than pays for itself. 

Even identity theft workshops and seminars offered to employers AT NO CHARGE require employees to be off the clock for an extended period of time -- effecting productivity which translates into a true cost to you and can negatively impact revenue. These methods, although informational, are also not ideal because new hires are rarely exposed to these special training events unless the timing is perfect. If they are provided information, it is in the form of handouts and there is no assurance they retained any of what was read.

Our cost effective 2.0 hour SCORM compliant eLearning course is non intrusive and self-paced. This makes it convenient to read the Lessons and complete testing at convenient intervals during the day and week. Time required can be as little as 5-15 minute blocks of time. Information is now delivered in a manner conducive for maximum retention. 

Lessons can be read and testing can be completed within the designated timeframe you determine so employee productivity is only minimally impacted.

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A lot of information about identity theft is available and scattered all over the Internet, through news sound bites, heard in workshops and seminars or read about in books magazine, and pamphlets. Making useful sense out of all this information is like trying to put pieces of a puzzle together. Moreover, information disseminated passively does not ensure your employees KNOW what is truly needed to prevent ID theft for or you as an employer. 

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ID Theft Awareness & Prevention Training Course has been approved for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) by:

* State of Oregon Insurance Division

* Mortgage Lending Education Board (MLEB)

* (ID Theft Awareness Education Certification) - Independent Sales Representatives Certification Association

Consumer Course Available!

Highly recommended for your banking institution customers!

IDTELi Awareness Prevention Protection Training

Continuing Education Units Awarded & DSR Certification



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