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Yes, it is no surprise state and federal fines can be levied on your company as well as civil lawsuits where it is found identity theft and identity breaches have occurred and identities have been compromised. It is true these laws require you to do your part by providing reasonable employee education which covers awareness, handling, storage and prevention, but it really is in your best interest to implement a formal solid protection plan.

The good news is, although state and federal government requires you to have an action plan in place, they also give your company or organization the freedom to develop privacy policies and sensitive document handling, storage and destruction procedures which fit your business culture and infrastructure.

ID Theft eLearning is an invaluable resource for providing your business with an identity theft education course for your employees for your protection. In addition, our development team can assist you with a cost effective solution to bringing your business specific policies and procedures to your employees through our e-learning platform, which can be used in conjunction with our course.

Our ID THEFT Awareness & Prevention Training© course, using our e-Learning platform, is your answer to providing much needed identity theft information along with your security policies on handling, storage, and document disposal -- and we can disseminate this information, quickly, efficiently, and with minimal impact on employee time.

If ever identity thieves strike, as an employer you are ultimately impacted either directly or indirectly. The effects can be devastating for both you and your employees. Education plays a key role in protecting your business, employees and customers. Don’t be fearful of laws or worried about fines. They have been put in place for everyone’s protection and security. It is far more important and good business practice to be prepared by providing education and training tools.   

Here is the short list of how you are affected thus giving you compelling reasons to provide education to all your employees:

IDENTITY THEFT is the #1 fastest growing crime in America. Turn on the news any day of the week and you will hear featured stories on the latest theft of thousands of identities, the updated figures on the millions of dollars stolen, and how companies, banks, and citizens are impacted. Each of us knows of someone who has fallen victim and whose life is coming unglued as the felons tear into the very fiber of their good name and life.

Your company is just as vulnerable to identity and private information theft without proper employee education -- and in many situations the losses can reach millions, not to mention the damage which can potentially be done to your credit and business reputation and professional relationships.

Background Checks - Do they protect your company from identity theft in the workplace?

Background checks are a very useful tool for employers to ensure employees are not security risks. However, background checks only provide information on “discovered” problems in their past. Employees who run into financial or substance abuse problems may become a identity theft risk for a company if it is not confirmed through formal education they are aware of your policies and the steps you and the law will take to prosecute. Federal and state government aggressively pass bills, laws and implement fines to ensure employers are providing a safe workplace for all employees.

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ID Theft Awareness & Prevention Training Course has been approved for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) by:

* State of Oregon Insurance Division

* Mortgage Lending Education Board (MLEB)

* (ID Theft Awareness Education Certification) - Independent Sales Representatives Certification Association

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