Internet Use -- How Vulnerable is Your Business?

Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of combining education with policies and procedures as your best defense against leaving your company open to costly vulnerabilities.

Many companies invest time and thousands of dollars protecting their networks and performing audits to carefully examine their vulnerabilities.  They take steps to ensure their exposure to risks are minimized.

Today, technology tools are important and vital for businesses to run efficiently, cost effectively and to help improve profitability.

However, the use of these tools by employees can also leave a company exposed and vulnerable to identity theft and fraud despite careful security measures.

Education is key and our formal ID Theft Awareness & Prevention Training© course can be utilized to work in conjunction with robust internal security programs. 

Our program developers can also assist you with incorporating your policies and procedures with our ID theft prevention course.  This provides businesses a cost effective sound method of disseminating security and privacy information every employee should know.

Most companies allow employees some level of unmonitored discretionary time on their computers for personal use.  ISPs today go to great lengths to employ virus protection but there is truly no foolproof way to ensure every site employees visit is safe from thieves and predatory activity.

According to September 5, 2005, 4:00 AM PT

By Ed Frauenheim Staff Writer, CNET                                                           CNet, American workers spend 2.09 of non work related hours per day surfing the internet. This means they are leaving themselves and their companies vulnerable to online identity theft criminals....  

employee Internet use access

ID Theft Awareness & Prevention Training Course has been approved for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) by:

* State of Oregon Insurance Division

* Mortgage Lending Education Board (MLEB)

* (ID Theft Awareness Education Certification) - Independent Sales Representatives Certification Association

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